Graphic Guide to Residential Space Planning (PDF Ebook)

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Graphic Guide to Residential Space Planning (PDF Ebook)

Luis Furushio
45 ratings

Hi there!

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Luis and I got inspired to create this e-book from questions I usually get from clients during the early stages of the design process. “Why is an open concept floor plan so expensive?” “Why did you add windows on this wall?” “Why is my second floor stepping back from my first floor?” In architecture, there is always a reason why behind each design decision. In my e-book, I try to answer all these questions with simple drawings that are visually easy to digest.

Inside my new e-book, you’ll get:

Easy-to-understand illustrations

Interior and exterior design recommendations

In-depth analysis of schematic floor plans

Common design mistakes to avoid

All dimensions in Imperial and Metric units

Free future updates with new content and chapters

Whether you’re an architecture student yearning for sources beyond basic textbooks,
a homeowner searching for tips on how to remodel your house, or even a contractor
wanting to improve your residential design knowledge, this is the book for you!

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Graphic Guide to Residential Space Planning

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